Screenshot_20180803-173913Ofcourse mustards are perfect on salads, vegetables,hot dogs and sandwiches, or in your favorite recipes but at the Atria Mall in Worli Mumbai, the brand new Mustard restaurant takes this condiment to a whole new sophisticated level. With Spicy Brown, Yellow Mustard, Stone Ground Dijon, herbal and Honey Mustard varieties,this Bong French restaurant has flavors to dress up every meal.

Step into Mustard and experience why it is making news in the gourmet world, becoming one of the most treasured and popular cuisine attractions near the Worli seaface.

Settle into a table overlooking the busy front street through classy pink French windows and bask in their warm and welcoming hospitality as you enjoy a Sangria, Margarita and then later delight in the tableside presentations of endless small bites on the menu or large platters of authentic Bengali cusienes among hosts of French treasures too. Order a bottle of wine from their extensive wall bar that’s specifically chosen to pair with the big and bold flavors of executive chef Pritha Sen who marries the traditions and history of Bengali rustic dishes, with the finesse of the world’s finest restaurants.Now that’s what you call Master Chef!Screenshot_20180803-173958

Whether you enjoy your experience nestled among the soothing walls inside the restaurant, or at floral printed bar chairs,tall stools at the centre table or along the roadwalk you’ll see how Mustard transforms a meal into a dining event.


For any occasion, from corporate dining, romantic dinners to high power official meetings, from family milestones to convention groups, Mustard offers the ideal setting for your next gathering.
The restaurant has an ambience which takes you to an ethireal European eating house filled with sunshine. You can see the soul of the restaurant ad you walk in. You can smell passion and hard work from a mile as you take in the atmosphere. Tones of yellow shades remind one of wild mustard flowers that bloom endlessly in the long stretches of wilderness and farmlands.Screenshot_20180803-173817
If you must know Mustard is an established integral part of Goa’s favourite eateries.Thats where it all began. The Mustard in Mumbai is more exciting,am told.I am eagerly awaiting to experience Goa’s offerings.

So the dynamic duo, truly brave girls Punam Singh and Shilpa Sharma ,who have impeccable tastes in interiors as they have with their servings,started the restaurant with an expert French chef to complete the French connection. Chef Greg Bazire is known for his historic, simple but authentic fine dining French dishes.His offerings compliment the Historian Indian chef’s Prithas dishes under the same pink chandelier ceilings, making the ingredient- Mustard ,the centric approach to the tastebuds here.



You must indulge in the authentic Bong vegetable chops and Fish in Mustard. Ofcourse ask for the cocktails spiked with mustard, they surely give you a fine hit in the nose, just the way to arouse your senses. I loved the begun pora (roasted brinjal flavoured with onions, chilli and mustard oil) and the palong sager bhorta (steamed spinach with fried garlic). Both chefs bring out the traditional old fashioned dishes from their respective backgrounds only to provide you satisfaction in the most contemporary styles.


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