Life is a Cachaca!! When in Rio Brazil don’t forget the Cachaca!

  Life is a Cachaca!! Elsie Gabriel   I kept staring at the ‘Cachaca’ in front of me....and guess what I kept thinking about?? Is sugarcane a fruit or a vegetable!! Hah, gottcha.... I was on my second glass now and guess what I was thinking about?? Why don’t they make this in India!! We have so much sugarcane in India and may be I could think of making Cachaca!! Well let me tell ya.. I was in the middle of the Amazon jungle tropical hotel, with beautiful soothing music around , all…continue reading →

Amazon forest jungle..swimming with the Piranhas….Elsie Gabriel – I danced with the tribal chief, the epitome of my travel life.

Amazon forest jungle..swimming with the Piranhas….Elsie Gabriel Oh to be alive!!! In the Amazon forest jungle…these boys know more about rainforests than scientists who have studied rainforests for many years! Various tribes still live much as did their ancestors hundreds of years before them. Everyday they organize their daily lives very meticulously; their food, medicines and clothing come primarily from the forest. They hunt…for food….and I went hunting with them….fishing for Piranhas and swimming with Piranhas….outrageously adventurous..I was so over whelmed with elation,…I kept grinning like a Cheshire cat at one time and…continue reading →