Support Aditya Mehta foundation and help para athlethics.

Support Aditya Mehta foundation and help para-athlethics! Elsie Gabriel

Young Environmentalists Cyclothon salutes Aditya Mehta!

“So here is to share with all of you with great joy and immense pride that our curtain raiser of Infinity-Ride-2016, The Delhi-Mumbai ride of 1,450 kilometers has finally come to an end today. We have been able to successfully complete our defined targets for each day.” Said Limca world record and silver medalist Aditya Mehta, on his arrival here in Mumbai. Aditya rode his cycle all the way from Delhi to Mumbai, just on one leg!



Adds Aditya, “These 1,450 kilometers from India Gate, Delhi to Gateway of India, Mumbai, were purely heavenly. I thank all my team who remained my support throughout the ride. A voyage with different halts, ever-changing food, distinct people carrying their respective ethnicity but the thing which all of you have shown me in common was your welcoming Smile.”

Aditya has lost one leg due to an unfortunate road accident where one leg had to be amputated. His strength and determination to get back on one leg is that of immense courage and inspiration. He did not keep his own plight to recovery pinnacle to himself, his rise from his disability in fact propelled him to share his success to over come any disability. This ultimately gave rise to the Aditya Mehta foundation which now assists other para athletics to succeed.

Constant research and development keeps Aditya working on improvements towards making the para cycling experience a better one.

“I met so many para-athletes who were suffering. They simply had no support. I really wanted to help them as I was fortunate enough to have the backing to make it all the way. I would help about one or two of them every year with the equipment they need to succeed.”

We at Young Environmentalists pledge our support to the Aditya Mehta Foundation, do you? Donate directly to his foundation, change lives of many para cyclists and other para athletics.

Informs Aditya, “ At Aditya Mehta Foundation our goal is to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the differently abled and in helping differently abled achieve their dreams. The details for support are – “ Aditya Mehta Foundation” Dena bank A/c no-056111023913 Rtgs/ifsc code- bkdn0610561, RP road branch,Secunderabad-500003.”

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Aditya challenges himself all the time. For instance, the Manali to Khardunga La is the world’s highest motorable road at 18380 feet, with the toughest weather and road conditions for athletes to fight against, but Mehta completed the ride successfully and entered the Limca Book of Records. Aditya hoisted Indian national flag at Khardunga La on August 15, 2014.”

It has been a very tragic journey but he has not wallowed in self pity. His grit is something we can all learn from. “One day, as I was on the road, a bus suddenly hit me from behind. As I fell, I was trying to get my leg out of the way, the tyre of the bus rolled over it.My leg had just been crushed.” Aditya lost his leg but rose from the pain, to motivate the world. And now there is nothing stopping him. Join his journey and support this cause. Aditya wants to start a sports academy for the less fortunate. This is how he began an ambitious rehabilitation program, now help him help other para athletics.He has decided that he will not let this disability stand in the way of his achievements. Here is one big lesson for us! Aditya’s success is to an ode to his mental prowess!



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