Squirrel Monkeys of the Amazon Forests. Wilderness is where I belong…..Elsie Gabriel


Researching this Cebidae primate was over whelming. These common squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus) at the Rio Negro, Amazon near Manaus, Brazil; were the friendliest lot I had ever seen. May be they found something in common with me, after all.

elsie with amazon monkeys

The Amazon forest in South America is the most fascinating store house of the worlds carbon kingdom, you could ever imagine. It is an intricate archipelago of narrow green ribbons of forest, punctuated by the Amazon river and its tributaries.If you ever hit for the South American discovery, do not leave out the Amazon forests, enjoy the earth in it smost natural state, believe me.


Well, let me tell you more about these little squirrel monkeys. The crown lineage of the squirrel monkeys appears to have diverged around 1.5 million years ago. Imagine!! This new world monkey does not use its tail for climbing, although when you watch it move, you observe it kind of uses it as a tool and balancing pole of sorts to help him jump from one spot to another. Their movements in the branches can be very rapid.

They live together in groups. These little chimps kept giving out vocal calls, warning sounds to the rest of the troupes, I guess they were either protecting themselves or calling in the rest of the gang to show me off. I guess the later.

kissing monkeys

They are so tiny and hairy, but alert at all times. Their small body size also makes them susceptible to predators .Squirrel monkeys are omnivores, eating primarily fruits and insects. Occasionally they also eat seeds, leaves, flowers, buds, nuts, and eggs.

manuas map

The Amazon jungle is the largest tropical rainforest on Earth and a World Natural Heritage site. I drowned myself in its grandeur and was captivated by its wonder. It’s dense forests made for excellent hiking trails, intense smells and foliage kept drawing me into the thickest depth of the jungle life I have ever experienced. I just didn’t want to leave.elsie squirrel monkeys

Wilderness is where I belong and God am going back!! Every night before I sleep I say a prayer for the rainforests of the world, may they multiply, may they be left alone; and may they continue to provide us the essence of life-Oxygen! Reuse,reduce, Rethink and replenish. We belong to the forest, the forest does not belong to us?! Respect Forests…

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The Amazon jungles are a marvel of the ecological natural world and unrivalled in size and diversity, and a place of near bliss among travellers who are nomadic addicts. It’s a life spring of the earth which absorbs half of all the carbon pollution around, the source of so much of the fresh air.

May to June is a great time to visit, the dry season is attractive for its clear weather and opportunities for long hikes.A common way to experience the Amazon is by riverboats which offer an interactive to see the Amazon – chugging along the river you see all the wild life possible.

Go for long hikes and canoe trips as well as some fishing, to enjoy and learn about the forest, and hopefully spot some good birding.

Manaus is serviced by direct flights from all over Brazil which is connected by all airports across the world.



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