Sahara Mumbai launches EURO…..Come take a journey around Europe with me.

Elsie Gabriel

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“European Food is exciting and has all the ingredients to match your taste buds, so come to Euro and take a tour through Europe, relish the breads and cheese platters from France,Italy,Spain, Potugal as well as experience the wines and cocktails to match the European offerings here,” says Chef Amol Rane the celebrated gourmet expert at EURO at Sahara Mumbai. Chef Amol has years of excellence in the gourmet world of creations and he brings a wealth of knowledge to EURO.

Latest addition to the 5 star deluxe property of SAHARA STAR HOTEL in Mumbai is the spanking new European restaurant named EURO that is bound to satisfy your love for European cuisines. Imagine over ten various smooth cheese varieties, wines, lamb cuts and cold platters all to kick start your journey through a gourmet journey of authentic and delectable European cuisine.

The restaurant is very elegant with the old English charm although it has all the significant sightseeing marvels of Europe adorning the walls. You will be transported to the European world of music, song and cuisine once you are seated at the very elegant place tucked away inside Sahara Star hotel near the domestic airport Mumbai.


If you’re a bit of a foodie, like me, you will find yourself spoilt for choice with the epicurean delicious European spread.

So grab your friends and family, jump in the car and hop over to Europe, you will not have to worry about excess baggage or an airplane ticket, you simply have to enjoy the whole of Europe right here in Mumbai. Well, I took a flight to Spain and dived straight into the Sea Food Paella, it was divine! Jumbo prawns, wild sea scallops, Mussels, fish with rice all made a heavy combination European style. I also enjoyed the Gratin Asparagus and the Herb Tortellini. The ‘coral mushrooms’ adding a heavenly flavor to the vegetarian offerings, like no other place in the city. Of course the mushroom soup stole my heart and satisfied me instantly warming me up for a beautiful evening.

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No matter where your gastronomic preferences may take you …explore the spicy areas of the European food here filled with olives, sauces, breads, herbal spices, try unique European delicacies filled with flavour, not at all bland or subtle , to enjoy a special food show and live entertainment and music step in early. End the evening with a Raspberry Custard and you will have earned yourself much of the happiness quotient from a desert cuisine only found eloquently made at EURO.

ce amol paella


If you take delight in a relaxing ambience paired with great food and fine wine, then welcome to a world of indulgence inspired from the west. Menu consists of approximately over twenty five hand picked dishes from European countries which includes Soup, appetizer, main Course cheese and desserts. Bringing in the true flavours and essence of Europe, Euro offers an array of delights both in food and wine for everyone who loves to dine in company of great hospitality and music.

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Speaking about the restaurant Chef Salil Fadnis, Executive Chef said, “Euro brings with it true flavours of European cuisine. It can’t get more real. The food, décor, choice of breads and cheese, and its selection of wines will transport you to the land of Europe. The response received from guests so far is overwhelming and we promise to keep up the quality.”

EURO will not disappoint, come away with me on this European journey. The ingredients are flown in from the respective European indigenous places, the quality is profound. Go there, meet Chef Amol, and he will take you on a culinary trip down the lanes of every European country.elsie euro singing cop

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