Safety is of utmost importance when traveling abroad.

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I whisked my face away just in time to save my cheek from a deep scar which could have been caused by this wild Lemur’s territorial gesture! I almost fell to the ground in a protective step to save my self but gathered enough pride to lookup to watch the Lemur walk away and climb back atop the Baboa tree…Yes I was in Madagscar, Dense natural habitat of the Lemurs. Trying to get a good picture for back home “with the Lemurs”. Let me tell you that Madagascar is awesome and magnificent in all its rich biodiversity.
Over 18 species all endemic to the fourth largest island in the world.Madagascar! Lemur land. Believe me it is their land, it belongs to the lemurs! Similarly wherever you travel, remember you are a visitor. Respect it’s habitat first. Respect it’s people first.


So hear me out.Here is what to do and what not to do when you enter forests, endangered animal lands and indegegious territorial sights while travelling abroad,for example not only could a single wrap from a common monkey kill you, it could tear your medical travel insurance in half,throw you back in debt, frantically calling back home for fianancial assistance……….
You can’t always eliminate all risks to your safety, so focus your energy on taking preventative steps proportional to the actual risks. Even safety at the comfort of your own home is questionable. So precautions and research are top priority, always use the help of a guide during wildlife excursions. Natural calamities are not always indicated by signs and warnings in some wilderness regions. Assess the risks of cliffs and rivers before venturing too close. Even if you a highly fit and agile physically, ensure you are a certified tracker, Diver, climber or adventure sports expert, that you are. Remember that your medical insurance and claims will never makeup for the damage done. Caution is better than ceremoniesĀ IMG_20171119_184038
Looking out for mosquito bites, insects, vegetation allergies or rashes that your jungle trip may earn you, be ready to risk the trips with repellents and medications.
If you have a fever and don’t seem to be getting cured, simply bow out of the trip and stay indoors. Which brings you to carrying your own medications which you are used to, prescription drugs from your own native country.IMG_20170428_003121_296
I may as well add that you can’t fix or regret hangovers overnight during travels so limit your intake in the first place. Eat within your limit and always try new items with caution.
Again while in the jungles, don’t go eating off trees, any attractive looking berries or local fruits from plants without the guides permissions, and of course do not, simply do not pluck things off the trees, or tease animals or get close to them for those selfies!
I tread very cautiously and pray that each happy successful day traveling abroad is a gift. Then it becomes a habit, that you want each day to work out well because you prepared well for it to do so in the first place.
I live to travel,I love to write about off the beaten track tales which has kept me on the road for over 18 years ! If you like me to write about your destination, get in touch

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