When it comes to Kavaratti hotels and accomodations in the Lakshadweep islands, nothing comes close to the understated, private, elegant Palalam Beach Villa. Just a short distance away from the local port and helibase, it’s a shere delight to walk into this lucious arena of solitude filled with sunshine. Being an intuitive world traveler with immense knowledge of Ocean habitat, I knew at once that it was a labour of love!


 Kas, it’s owner showed me around the property and explained it’s rich ancestral value. We instantly got on like house on fire sharing notes of travels and culture. His passion for life and respect for his guests at once makes you feel at home straight away. Kas is a perfect host.

Despite its prime beach location, the beautiful, immaculate property is remarkably Zen like thanks to the lush gardens that surround it, with the ocean waves kissing it’s front fringes. The ocean view is breathtaking.
The portico with relaxing chairs leads inside to a cozy open fully furnished kitchen and dining space. Its spanking new guest bedroom is refreshingly sharp with neutral décor that allows the ocean views to steal the show. The rooms are opulent, decked out with plush contemporary decor and marble bathrooms.
I slept like a baby to the sound of the rythemic waves and fresh Ocean breeze which worked like a soothing lullaby.
 Its beachfront garden has trees planted by Kas himself and a seating area at its center. Perfect place for an evening barbeque. Greenery envelopes this property giving it much privacy.
Its dramatic features are the resounding cascading waves that tease the shores, I spent time writing my project pages, totally inspired here.
From the outside the Beach House exterior is filled with color palettes which further reflect the resort’s setting. That’s not to say that luxury is spared at all, Kas takes pride and boasts of the adjoining private complex which houses their family residential living areas, with gratitude to his family. But this Beach House is the show stopper alright!
Someday, I will return to plant an organic garden in gratitude for all the soul stirring sincere conversations and  hospitality that was shown from the heart.
Gracias Kas! Memories are embedded deep in mind, enough to inspire me to share  my stay with the world! My stay just enhanced my love for the ocean! Amor♥️

Written by elsie gabriel

My Travel Footprints is a narration of reviews, reports, news stories, personal discoveries, very down to earth, original, fiery, spicy, unique and detailed by Elsie Gabriel; who is a worldwide avid traveler and photographer with a passion for discovering insights into various cultures and social traits that form the very basis of her social fabric of life.Her passion and expertise in area’s of Adventure sports,Photography, fishing,Culinary delights, Gardening,nature trails, green living and environment and education give her an added edge. Elsie doesn’t always give you a ready made report on culinary discoveries or travel itinerary and how to get there routine but fills your soul about that special place on the planet you wish you had gone a long long time ago…. …So read on and enjoy….. Trained in Brazil and Harvard University USA, Elsie Gabriel is Mentor of the Climate Reality Project, Founder of Young Environmentalists Programme trust and an award winning author, professionally certified Green teacher and post graduate in Mass Communications and Environment Law, with over 20 years of experience in conducting community, environmental educational and nature interactive events. She is an award winning Environmentalist /Motivational speaker.

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