Chef Vaibhav of Origami transports you to Japan with his flaming Sushi!


With the “Flying Fish Golden Roe” bursting in my mouth and the crisp matched flavor of seaweed wrapped around the Sushi all coming together in a dramatic culinary offering, I knew I was going to enjoy my experience at Origami Japanese restaurant and Lounge ,Supreme Park, Hiranandani gardens Powai Mumbai. A beautifully located restaurant nestled in the close hilly forests and small natural water rocky ponds at the sides, this restaurant has a walk in cafe style dining, inside seating as well as a karaoke lounge upstairs.


Everone knows that Flaming (/flɒmˈbeɪ/, French: [flɑ̃be]; also is a cooking procedure in which alcohol is added to a hot pan to create a burst of flames. … However, flambéing is also a step in making coq au vin, and other dishes and sauces, using spirits, before they are brought to the table… this Origami restaurant in Hiranandani gardens Powai Mumbai is the only restaurant to have this unique signature dish where the California Sushi roll was preserved set earlier and soaked in Sake , and was cooked and torched by a flame in the most dramatic fashion and culinary expertise by the in-house Chef Vaibhav…. among an engaging audience who had attended an interactive networking session on Food, Travel and Self Growth, but this dish stole the show, creating a dish called Flaming Sushi which you will only find in Origami!

Chef Vaibhav is an experienced ,internationally experienced culinary guru of sorts. He knows what you are looking for exactly on the Japanese menu card. Ofcourse he’s around the world cooking many times over and that gives him a quick insight into people.

Its amazing how a Flambeau can be done without pouring Alcohol front of guest’s for safety reasons but rather preserved prehand.IMG-20181116-WA0046

  1. And this Sushi topped with golden roe started an amazing display.
    The colourful layers of salmon and avocado enveloped within the sushi roll and sticky rice were carmalised and par cooked to give it a crunchy taste, ofcourse the popping of the Flying Fish Golden Roes atop the Sushi burst into multicolored flames complimenting the creation. The finale simply let’s you watch the flames dance on the sushi and devour a smokey charred flavoured sushi like none other!

The taste is divine.You have come to Origami Powai to indulge in such large portions with friendly staff to guide you through the menu.


I loved the Japanese Plum wine and used it lavishly to wash down the entire three course meal.

Ofcourse at the Chefs recommendation I tried the Green Tea and lemon Grass Ice cream to call it a night, which was a flavour you would surely want to go to bed with!


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