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Next generation of Spa treatment- the Persian Gardens inside the Celebrity Cruises.

Elsie Gabriel

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Imagine aromatic healing waves of fresh herbs surrounding your entire senses as you watch the waves of the expansive ocean pass by. Soothing meditational music enveloping you and carrying you off to nirvana world. Welcome to the next generation of Spa treatment- the Persian Gardens. This is no ordinary spa, yes it is a cruise spa which defines ultra luxury in wellness. The Persian Garden is the aromatic aquatic rejuvenating center inside the Canyon Ranch spa center at the Celebrity Cruises. Here, you’ll find a full range of rejuvenating unique aquatic experiences which will make you bless the day on ‘offshore at sea’ while sailing.

You must be wondering if cruising is affordable? It is about a hundred dollars or more per day, on an average if you book well in advance and happen to catch a good deal with inclusive savings and offerings. That’s the same amount you would pay if you lived onshore in a hotel on an average any where in the world while travelling. Many cruise ships offer 50% off on the second travel companion. If you want to embark on a cruise, connect and I will give you the best options possible. Well, am a wellness addict and this deal paid off. I don’t drink or indulge in shopping, inculcate mindful eating, which saves me enough amounts to invest in wellness and healing.

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I took in deep powerful breaths of aromatic Arabic and Asian essence while sleeping on the Persian garden, full length seat lounges which recline according to the shape of your body. The exotic stones used to make these reclining arches are warm , not too hot or too unbearable just right regulated temperature for you to wash away all your tensions and get transferred into another zone altogether.

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Next time you are on a Celebrity Cruise, don’t forget to book your spa here with these extraordinary services. While booking with your agent or even directly ensure you win yourself these free perks or additions while cruise hunting, of course a little research and advance bookings earn you many many accolades aboard.

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If you haven’t booked an Aqua Class stateroom, you don’t have to miss out on the Persian Garden’s delights. The fee for unlimited access is $99 per cruise for the entire trip, if you have booked other staterooms though. Endless hours of herbal showers, aroma therapy, Persian garden hot stone healing lounges, Ocean watching, tranquil music, all for that package through out your cruise, only to help you emerge so relaxed.

You may also unwind in an average temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 percent humidity at the herbal sauna room or the aromatic steam room. You have assistants and gym supervision at all times which is such as asset, they are at your beck and call to make your experience so luxurious. So if you are a first time cruiser or a veteran, in todays world I guess ‘Wellness’ should be top priority. Be kind to your self, gift it to your mind and body!


Canyon Ranch is highly experienced in the spa industry. Since 1979, it’s been the gold standard for healthy living and luxury spa experiences, with award-winning health and wellness resorts in Tucson, Arizona, Lenox, Massachusetts, and Kaplankaya, Turkey, on the spectacular Aegean coastline. Beautiful Spa Club facilities aboard Celebrity ships are a stunning reflection of celebrated Canyon Ranch Spa Club at The Venetian and The Palazzo in Las Vegas, the largest spa on the Strip.

Not only did I distress but felt a release of toxins, relieved muscle tension, all with natural ingredients, which made the healing experience so eco friendly. Moving water and waves in synch with the spectacular healing tropical rain music, with warm stone treatment under every muscle under your back, is all you could ask for on a luxury cruise in the middle of the Caribbean.

Access to the Persian Garden is included with a Persian Garden pass, so unwind before a massage, facial or body treatment, relax after workout, rejuvenate before a big night, or simply enjoy this healthy experience at your leisure. Choose wisely all the amenities offered on a cruise, you could earn yourself more than what you were looking for-A bit of heaven right here on earth, oh sorry, right here on the oceans!

Invest in serenity! Be filled with light and love.

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