Kerala Backwaters Island tours at Munroe Island. An environmentalists delight!

Elsie Gabriel

Kerala Backwaters Island tours in the wilderness are the most amazing life experiences. It was curated by Holiday IQ and Kerala Tourism. I have ever encou ntered.Munroe Island is located at the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada River, in Kollam district, Kerala, South India. The Munroe Island,is accessible by road, rail and inland water navigation.IMG_20171118_155742

Small sleepy villages lie huddled together on its banks, surrounded by a fabric of green and blue. Unmindful of its own beauty, Kollam with it’s vast intersections of canals and lagoons and is one of the premium backwater wetlands in Kerala very rich in biodiversity . We took the traditional canoe carved out of coconut tree barks, slow and easy the sailing along the canals were spellbinding. I just kept soaking in the greenery and silence and went into a meditational trance.IMG_20171118_153849

The boatman says there are about eight islands through which the canoe rides take you.Watching wild ducks fly and seeing palms sway, branches  kissing the waters, playing hide and seek with the Sunrays was sublime.IMG_20171118_163401

No noise and all you get is peace of mind. Wilderness Tourism at its best.

The quaint little island cluster is soaked in European history too.

The Munroe islands was named after  Colonel John Munroe and was the founder of ‘Syrian seminary‘.


During his tenure Munro oversaw the land reclamation efforts in the delta where Kallada River joins Ashtamudi Lake and the reclaimed island was named after him as Monroe Islands.  His pioneering efforts to protect the Wetlands was honoured. IMG-20171118-WA0149

The village is a Virgin eco tourism destination where one can see the inhabitants skill and trade system all along the bank during your cruise ride.  They are –

  • Bananas Plantations ,
  • coir weaving,
  • prawns Breeding,
  • migratory bird watch,
  • Boat rides in narrow canals and waterways,
  • coconut farms on the lake shore,
  • Natural lagoons where fish fingerings are bred and harvested. 

I witnessed many new mangrove plants being planted to increase protection of the buffer zones. It means every small effort goes a long way in increasing green cover and Kerala does more than its fair share for sure. 

What to know before you go there –

The Munroe measures 13.4 square kilometres in area.

The nearest airport is  Thiruvanathapuram-Bangalore airport about 64.4 km away.

Best ready to walk and be quiet.

Do not litter plastics on this island.

Only leave green footprints do not Break flowers or fruits.

Travel. Respect, Enjoy.

The Monroe Island resort offers good Kerala lunch before they take you on the toddy tapping and prawn farming sightseeing.

Kerala leads not only in eco tourism but also in responsible Tourism keeping a perfect balance of the Hospitality and Tourism industry in tune with our planets natural  offering. These green norms strictly implemented contribute to our fight against Climate change in every sense.

So be a responsible Traveller when you venture!

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