Mumbai get set to welcome back Legal Eagle Mirza Saaib Beg who is Cycling to raise funds for Law Students- 3rd April 2016 NCPA Mumbai 8am. Mirza Beg

Mumbai get set to welcome back Legal Eagle Mirza Saaib Beg who is Cycling to raise funds for Law Students- 3rd April 2016 NCPA Mumbai 8am.

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Elsie Gabriel.
Mirza Saaib Beg, who was former President, Student Bar Council is on a cycling mission. Very passionate about his cause, very dedicated and meticulously determined to see that deserving students in various cities in India get the necessary funds to make it through law school in India.

Mirza kick started his cycling feat on the 19th of March and there is no stopping him, until he reaches his goal. Mirza Saaib Beg accompanied by Pranaya Mohanty are riding 3000 km in 13 days from Mumbai to Pune to Hyderabad to Bangalore to Kochi to Mangalore to Manipal to Goa, and back to Mumbai on April 3rd 8am NCPA.
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The duo have already collected over 26 lakhs and which will enable law students to finish their studies. Today Jaideep Koladi President of the students law union at NALSA Hyderabad and Nayan Banerjee President of the Students union of National Law college at Bangalore are very happy with the financial help extended to the students. Mirza Saaib Bég and Pranaya Mohanty are both cycling for Cause Cyclothon – A Service Project of the Rotary Club of Bombay Worli. The Cause Cyclothon is also supported by Killer Jeans and Gurunath Kher among many more patrons.
Mirza and Pranaya have not only extended financial help to the next generation but have given a boost to many students looking for a career in law and education focusing on justice. Through their courageous example, surely a message of strength and endurance has also been passed on to the youth of today, across all the miles that the duo have cycled. The art of giving is the footprints that these two veteran cyclists will have left behind cross country.

Pranaya only started cycling since December 2014 and he has put all his might and skill into practising to put his best pedal foot forward to help cycle for a good cause. Pranaya says, “Iam good at whatever I do, so through cycling am trying to give back and contribute to society.” Here is more power to both of these cause cyclists!

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Humble to the core, Mirza is a true catalyst of change, real inspiration and a guru is the cycling arena alright! I know that Mirza’s long distance cycling will have a ripple effect for the good of mankind, motivating thousands into sharing for the less fortunate.

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Following his ‘Cyclothon for a Cause’ rigorous milestones, I kept wondering how he got into it, does he have any memories about learning to cycle and he says, “My first memory of cycling is in a small alley in Kashmir. I had no training wheels to balance the cycle. I rode fine till the end of the alley but I didn’t know how to turn the cycle. I fell and my hand landed on a cactus plant. That night I spent hours pulling out the thorns and decided to take up the challenge. I’m a fighter. The tougher you make the challenge, the more I’ll want to do it.” Mirza had guts and glory from a very young age! What a deadly combination to take on a fulfilling challenge in life.

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For Mirza it is just not the cycling and calculations he says, it is more than just number, “As Strava users we’re used to spending shameful hours analyzing our ride statistics. I feel that each number on this screen is so much more than just a statistic. There are people, memories, sweat and the feeling of having made a perceptible difference to someone’s life attached to each number. It feels so much more than just a ride “
On future intentions on competitive cycling outlines Mirza, “ Right now am focusing on cycling for a cause.We would not mind competitive cycling but we want to push our limits by cycling long distance for a cause. We have helped more than 100 students over the past two years.”
About a message for readers on safety, Adds Mirza, “You will face no issues as long as you keep pedaling.”

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True to his word, simplicity and strength is what Mirza is all about! Mirza belongs to a cycling group called Powai Pedals here in Mumbai and more than anything else Cycling is his life,very much. Hard work and persistence are not new to Mirza. Bicycling such long distances requires planning, preparation and focus, plus countless hours on the bike in training to help one complete this high level feat. Mirza has been cycling to Bandra BKC from Powai everyday to work diligently,contributing to a sustainable way of transport, he is a true conservationists in his own right. Meet this Legal Eagle on April 3rd 8am NCPA Mumbai to know what is true silent gut and glory, to give part of your life for the cause of others!

You may still donate towards Cause Cyclothon-


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    ROTARY CLUB OF BOMBAY WORLI sponsored Cause Cyclothon and supported by Killer Jeans, The Om Kher charitable trust. & innumerable donors will welcome the team headed by Mirza Saaib on Sunday.
    Look out tomorrow for more details.

  2. Omkar Jadhav Reply

    A wonderful and inspiring coverage of the entire event and the spirit behind it, Elsie. Eagerly, looking forward to reading more from you.

    • elsie gabriel Reply

      Thankyou Omkar! Yes Please do subscribe and I will keep you posted. If you are a cyclists do tell me about yourself and Il keep you in mind for my next story.

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