Limestone forests and Mangrove trails encourage eco- tourism in Malaysia Langkawi. Elsie Gabriel Mangrove trails

Limestone forests and Mangrove trails encourage eco- tourism in Malaysia Langkawi. Elsie Gabriel
Amazing white sheets of sheer limestone hills surrounding forests on the slopes of north east Langkawi, is what makes your eco trail all worth it.No fuss.No glamour.No colour of money in the world can buy you beauty like this eco tourism.The Malay’s are proud of their natural beauty and work hard to preserve it.
We took a boat through the twists and turns of the Kilim river. Winding through the aerial walking roots of the Mangrove zones. Capturing colored kingfishers, eagles and often otters and dolphins were a theatrical treat. During a tour of the mangrove forest, you can part take of feeding the white headed eagles who dive in and show off their skills while picking out the fish that the boat man throws in.Appreciate the wonders of nature and its attributes towards the ecosystem on this Langkawi mangrove forest and eagle-watching tour in Tanjung Rhu. Simply soak in the kaleidoscope of fauna and flora in their natural habitat.We were so excited we took a swim, dived straight into a little cove hidden in Langkawi’s mangrove forest in Tanjung Rhu.And every one followed suit.It was nature taking over.
After some local fish curry lunch we headed for a cable car ride above all the mangroves.Once you are up there you know that it is the mangroves that protect the country of Malaysian coast from flooding.It is the mangrove zone which provides rich sea food life.
Mangroves help the Malaysian coasts and are a blessing to the country.
· protect coastlines against erosive wave action and strong coastal winds, and serve as natural barriers against tsunamis and torrential storms.
· prevent salt water from intruding into rivers.
· retain, concentrate and recycle nutrients and remove toxicants through a natural filtering process.
· provide resources for coastal communities who depend on the plants for timber, fuel, food, medicinal herbs and other forest products.
· can be harvested sustainably for wood and other products,
· are an important breeding ground for many fishes, crabs, prawns and other marine animals, essential for sustaining a viable fishing industry. Malaysia’s mangroves are more diverse than those in tropical Australia, the Red Sea, tropical Africa and the Americas. About 50% of fish landings on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia are associated with mangroves.
If you want to see more mangroves take the Langkawi Cable Car which will take you high above the Langkawi rainforest on Mount Mat Chinchang for the most spectacular views of the surrounding islands and sea. I was in awe and meditational mode once up in the sky looking down on Gods green creation. A total green umbrella of thick foliage canopy of trees. You also get to see the Oriental Village in Burau Bay up to the top of the island’s second highest peak, Gunung Machincang.You can join the eagles and other beautiful birds above the rain forests when air borne.
It’s an absolute must-do when you visit Langkawi and a great way to orientate yourself about the extensive stretch of mangroves. This cable car ride has the longest suspension between two stations in the world.The full family enjoyed the 360-degree panoramic views of the Langkawi islands, mainland Malaysia and Southern Thailand.Tourist buses and taxis are easily available outside your hotel to escort you to the cable car entrance sites.
With so many convenient modes of transport available today, visiting Langkawi has never been easier. Ferries operate four routes to Langkawi from  Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis,Penang around the clock. On the other hand, Langkawi boasts an International Airport, located 20 km  away in Padang Matsirat, for locals and tourists.
There is nothing more precious than taking an eco tour of Mother Natures offering! This is a Mothers day tribute to our Planet Earth. Mother Earth gives, gives and only gives, wanting nothing back but preservation.

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