Life is a Cachaca!! Elsie Gabriel


I kept staring at the ‘Cachaca’ in front of me….and guess what I kept thinking about?? Is sugarcane a fruit or a vegetable!! Hah, gottcha…. I was on my second glass now and guess what I was thinking about?? Why don’t they make this in India!!

cacha 1 esie

We have so much sugarcane in India and may be I could think of making Cachaca!! Well let me tell ya.. I was in the middle of the Amazon jungle tropical hotel, with beautiful soothing music around , all you could think of was….wow life is a Cachaca…. The cocktail Caipirinha is Brazil’s national drink made with cachaça, ice, sugar, and lime. It is the drink most commonly associated with Cachaça. The humble cane,grass, tropical gift to it what you wish,but this cane drink was gooood…

cacha 3

Slim slices of lime floating in my drink, topped with ice, well stirred with some sugar grains in lemon juice and a good portion of this sugarcane raw brew……amazing..quenching every thirst after a good whole days trek up into the forest jungle……so now you get want one, dont ya….slurrppp….


Didn’t ever imagine this Sugarcane production could turn out so good. I believe that sugancane was brought in from the Mediera islands into Brazil by the Portuguese in the 16 th century.God bless the sugarcane farmers…of the 16th C that is…..


In Brazil everything starts and ends with a Cachaca…you are on the Copacabana beach and God its Cachaca doing the rounds with shiny ice cubes dancing in the glasses being sold on the beach every where….. If vodka is used instead of cachaça, it is called a Caipiroska or caipivodka; if rum is used it is called a caipiríssima; if strawberry or some other fruit is used instead of lime, it is usually called a batida or caipifruta.

1.5 billion liters are consumed annually, Brazil is one happy state, people are polite and happy. It is a sun shine country alright….

cach 5

Get yourself a good aged Cachaca bottle, smoothly blended when aged to perfection, do not go for the younger cheap offerings…Next time follow me into a trail of a lot more local Brazilian brews…amazing ….

cachava 99

The dark variety, is aged in wood barrels and is meant to be drunk straight .But never mind the history of Cachaca, come join me in a drink, celebrate life and celebrate sugarcane!!! Cheers……make it a large, this time!!!

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