Lakhshadweep Surf School Foundation Helps Keep Students in the Water and off Streets.


It’s a unique  school that helps many students in Lakhshadweep India. But they’re not focused on teaching  math, writing or reading. Instead,the instructor at the Lakhwadeep Surf School Foundation , located deep inside the island of Kavaratti, is using the water sport to change lives. Abdul Samad hit the waves with some of these students and saw firsthand how surfing is keeping them in the water and off the streets.


Having grown up as a fishermans son, as an indegenous inhabitant is proud that he is so knowledgeable about the ocean since childhood, Samad has researched his island for years and observes that the main challenges are social and academic and little incentive to sport, recreation and culture inland, ” Our mission is to work with a wide array of projects that use surfing as an alternative to the social inclusion of disadvantaged communities, the enhancement of equal opportunities, the appreciation of intercultural tourism and improve the local population’s good quality of life, preserving the native tribal culture and enjoyment for the water sports. ”

Screenshot_20190618-192221All activities provide a huge interaction between participants and local communities.

The Surfing activities happen in the paradise places of Kavaratti Lakhshadweep and Aggatti islands, combining surfing the best waves in the world with activities that can contribute to social and environmental development of the islands.

Adds Samad further, “Lakhshadweep  Surf School Foundation is happy to partner with Young Environmentalists Programme for sustainable development projects, Surfing school acivities and ocean related education for all our surfing participants. We have been trained and certified by Young Environmentalists Programme to educate the Surfing students in turn. This motivates young surfer’s to learn about ocean ecology ,make surfing not only a hobby but a stress buster thus enhancing their academic work output.”


The Lakhwadeep Surf School Foundation aims at promoting mental wellness,ocean safety, recycling waste, tree plantation, outdoors ecology, village tour’s, local rustic cuisine and indegenous culture of the Lakhwadeep islands.



Written by elsie gabriel

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