Screenshot_20191101-111116__01__01Screenshot_20191101-111038__01Ephemeral alternatives to plastic-Green Packaging, are you ready to accept it?


Ever heard of a “green packaging” ,well it is not only characterized by the use of the reusable materials concerned, but may be totally biodegradable and even edible. They are also crucially influenced by the technical design and the low cost processing Don’t be fooled by non plastic look alikes.


Next time you travel or step out even to grab a bite, literally ask for sustainable packages or containors. Refuse to take away in thermocol or plastic containers. Better still carry your own biodegradable or reusable containors like you would carry a reusable metal water bottle.
If you think that recycling is the full answer to the plastic problem, no, it’s a camouflaged solution if you look closer.


For recycling is the common approach by only already assuming you will get maximized success in recovering , and reusing the non biodegradable into other designes. But this doesn’t make it at any stage a sustainable package. The recyclability of the material being used still doesn’t make it sustainable.

Recycling requires factories, energy, water, gas and the transport of materials. Most recycled plastics get broken down, shredded, melted, and reformed into goods to give you a feel-good factor which may not be genuinely what you are looking for in an Eco Friendly packaging.

Eco friendly packaging is easily recycled, and is safe for individuals and the environment. It makes use of renewable energy, and uses as much renewable or recycled materials as possible. It is also known as green packaging or sustainable packaging only when it cuts down on its water footprints, energy footprints, just not carbon footprints.

Utensils made of banana leaves, cups made of coconuts, trays fashioned from seaweed and cutlery made from wood are some of the materials used for food packaging or take aways, so look for it.

Make a conscious effort to ask for it and refuse plastic packages with plastic films.
Countries are creating ephemeral alternatives to plastic not only in villages for self use but commercially too. But the question is, are we ready to accept them?
Imagine during your travels when your lunch is over, everything gets ditched into a compost bin, which in an ideal world , believe me is not far away.


With the world getting faster in every pace possible, the problem is expected to get worse as those countries growing richer will start consuming more packaged foods, and as many others in an increasingly “quick fix” obsessed world will continue to purchase ready-made off the counter stuff which generate considerable packaging and take-out foods.


Benifits of Green Packaging-

1.Eco-friendly packaging is usually composed from biodegradable, recycled material which reduces the waste of new and fresh natural resources for production. In addition, the manufacturing process tends to be more eco friendly, further reducing new resources and minimizing the negative impact products have on the environment.

2. Biodegradable in addition to reducing the carbon footprint, water footprints and plastic footprints, green packaging has positive long term effects even after it’s used for exporting. These alternative sustainable materials are biodegradable and recyclable, making their impact on the environment minimal.

3. Green packages should be miltipurposes. It should be used in as many industries as possible.

4. Ofcourse environmentally-friendly packaging improves one’s brand image in the market and does your brand building good will in the market for you. When your clients see that you use sustainable materials, they will see that you not only care about the planet, but also that you are a pragmatic responsible company. This improved brand image will further your company’s profits and ofcourse return of interest.



Written by elsie gabriel

My Travel Footprints is a narration of reviews, reports, news stories, personal discoveries, very down to earth, original, fiery, spicy, unique and detailed by Elsie Gabriel; who is a worldwide avid traveler and photographer with a passion for discovering insights into various cultures and social traits that form the very basis of her social fabric of life.Her passion and expertise in area’s of Adventure sports,Photography, fishing,Culinary delights, Gardening,nature trails, green living and environment and education give her an added edge. Elsie doesn’t always give you a ready made report on culinary discoveries or travel itinerary and how to get there routine but fills your soul about that special place on the planet you wish you had gone a long long time ago…. …So read on and enjoy….. Trained in Brazil and Harvard University USA, Elsie Gabriel is Mentor of the Climate Reality Project, Founder of Young Environmentalists Programme trust and an award winning author, professionally certified Green teacher and post graduate in Mass Communications and Environment Law, with over 20 years of experience in conducting community, environmental educational and nature interactive events. She is an award winning Environmentalist /Motivational speaker.

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