Cycling Couples who celebrate their marriage with every ride together!!


Cycling Couples who celebrate their marriage with every ride together!!

Elsie Gabriel

Meet some awesome cycling couples who simply ride together for leisure, sometimes race each other and enjoy repeated butt kicking competitions between each other, only to let Cycling fuel their love.

Am not talking about strolls and picnic trips together as a couple on weekends. I am talking about husband and wife who celebrate their healthy marriage by Cycling together! They promote fitness levels and train together, and even enjoy sparring over the hills and steep climbs which keep them attracted to each others level of agility!


You have to meet Hinrich Fuchs of Hero, who talks so passionately about cycling with this wife Maneet Kaur, you wouldn’t know if he was more madly in love with cycling or his wife or both! Cycling brought them together. Hear their love story. For Hinrich and Maneet, they say the joy of sharing a joint passion with your partner is unrivaled. Elaborates Hinrich, “Basically, I was feeling like her bodyguard, teacher, coach or colleague who loves to support the cycling culture – especially in a country like India, specially in Delhi which has the worst air quality world wide. I was going for a tour with her and then, later or before, I did my KM which I was needing for my progress.”

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Continues Hinrich about how cycling trips sharpened both their skills. “Then, when the mountain bike race “MTB Shimla” came closer and I told her … let’s try it! We contacted Ashish Sood with that common question about “how difficult is it really”? Will she be able to handle that two days riding up and down, in mountains and on trails. She never ever was thinking about that – but I was, as I grew up with bikes and the reason why I joined India – was ‘BIKES’. Riding and working with them in the whole new world, wanted to show her that riding far away from traffic, dirty air, noise would be good. In all this I realized, I m fighting for something – target orientated-the finish line!”

So the couple did go to Shimla. Adds Hinrich, “Fully supported with marshal guys, which was for her important. Whatever will happen, she could always push the “emergency brake”! I kept thinking that she just few days back learned how to use brakes and gears in that terrain – is doing it magically good! On the first day … she was the last finisher and I finished 2 meters before her! Next day, I finished again second, but as the second fastest rider out of the field, we were the ‘Talk of the Town.”

So began their cycle adventures which has engraved loving milestones into their wedded lives, of course.


Healthy people are overall happier; they stress out less, and have better interactions with the people around them. These characteristics are embodied in one Cycling firebrand lady Called Disha Shrivastava.

Disha has cycling flowing in her veins as a daily regiment of sorts but still finds time for cycling with hubby Somthirtha Biswas, “We cycle mostly over the weekend, early morning and are back home before the kids wake up. We get to talk a lot and feel the free breeze too.”

dish a1disha 22


Sometimes breath-taking cycling routes are perks for couple cycling together. Cycling may seem like a solitary sport but Disha modestly outlines, “Cycling together is fun.I like the way he tries to pace me and I like going slow for him. He proudly admits he has learnt a lot from me. Our favourite spot is the Bandra fort .I cycle with him for leisure . My message is, get a bike,hop on the saddle and just flow with the wind . It’s beautiful to cycle with your partner, you get some nice quality bonding time together”. With a good cycling partner, no wonder Disha is always passionately agile, vibrant and dignified when it comes to any outdoor action, without any pretentions.


For Beena and Rahul Vala cycling together is an instant common bond! Finding a balance between work and life and finding time to ride together and trying to take each other’s cycling training to the next level is their ultimate goal. “Supporting and encouraging each other along the way and pushing beyond our comfort zone is what we define as fun, she of course knew cycling when I met her. She is a pro.We have no favourite cycling route as such but love to cycle to Juhu mostly.”

rahul and beena vala cycling couple

Rahul makes that extra effort to lookout for cycling rides where they can either compete or enjoy together, he says, “While riding together we feel like we have no world around us, and we are like love birds who want to fly together and don’t want to be in a cage. Yes some time I guide her and also help her on climbs by pushing her with one hand and also we motivate each other many times while riding for long distance.”

Rahul and Beena are slowly shaping up as cycling professionals, “Our bestest cycling trip was the recent event “I CAN RIDE 100+” we completed 108 kms in the event from Mulund to Asangaon and back, that was the best day in our life.Cycling together for long distance is superb,We felt like we celebrated our valentines day ride in advance at the time of event.”

Hail to the couple who brings in Valentines day each time they cycle together, salute Beena and Rahul!


Couples find cycling as a great way to push each other out of our comfort zone to keep in shape.Strategy, endurance, maneuvers, skills, strengths, leadership and fitness in the filed of cycling play hand-in-hand in how they engage and interact with others. You will always almost find them mature and snug.

This couple would cycle to Mt Everest and back if they could, meet AbdulRab Kazi and Sabina Kazi who have formed a cycling group to promote the cycling culture, “I am working as a “Business Manager” with “Everest Cycle Co” and just out of my passion for bicycles I started a Cycling Group in Nov-2014 named “Everest Cycling Culture”. My wife is a homemaker and she is also the Women Admin of the group.’

kazi 3

A cycle is the best gift you could give someone. I am not going expand on how best a fitness gift it is and how good it is for the environment cliché, but “ Freedom ‘ is one such word that comes to my mind. This Republic day, cycle for freedom.

Listen up further to Kazi as he adds with so much love, “In Apr-2015, I gifted my wife a bicycle and she started cycling with the group. I took her for few rides of 5kms each before taking her for a 25kms loop on a Saturday, which she completed like a champ. The very next day (Sunday) we had a 50kms ride (including a 7kms off-road).Many women got inspired by her and took up cycling and joined the group as well. Many in the group are between 50 to 65 years of age and they cycle regularly. Many of their medical problems are solved and they feel more fit and happy.”

So Kazi and Sabina even have their names spelt together on social media specially Facebook- AbdulRab Kazi Sabina Kazi, like ‘Juno’s swans’ they stand for cycling together to stay together!

kazi 4


Keep inspiring all you cycling love birds. If you know of any more ‘cycling couples’ don’t forget to write in and comment. With Valentines day around the corner, let cycling together enhance the love your marriage holds!

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    Husband and wife cycling together and is not only a good sport but good bonding for the them. Taking lead for this cause by wife is something unique and Disha Shrivastava is amongst them. Best wishes to the cycling couple… UM SHRIVASTAVA, BHOPAL

  2. malathi kembhavi Reply

    Thanks I cycle as often as i can it is a great feeling and leads me to a sort of freedom which cannot be defined. Hope some day Mumbai city marks a separate cycle lane for all cyclists;

    which infect will bring down the pollution levels and also the traffic chaos.

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