Ephemeral alternatives to plastic- During your travels ask for green packaging?

Ephemeral alternatives to plastic-Green Packaging, are you ready to accept it?   Ever heard of a "green packaging" ,well it is not only characterized by the use of the reusable materials concerned, but may be totally biodegradable and even edible. They are also crucially influenced by the technical design and the low cost processing Don't be fooled by non plastic look alikes. Next time you travel or step out even to grab a bite, literally ask for sustainable packages or containors. Refuse to take away in thermocol or plastic containers. Better still carry…continue reading →

Lakhshadweep Surf School Foundation Helps Keep Students in the Water and off Streets.

Lakhshadweep Surf School Foundation Helps Keep Students in the Water and off Streets. It’s a unique  school that helps many students in Lakhshadweep India. But they’re not focused on teaching  math, writing or reading. Instead,the instructor at the Lakhwadeep Surf School Foundation , located deep inside the island of Kavaratti, is using the water sport to change lives. Abdul Samad hit the waves with some of these students and saw firsthand how surfing is keeping them in the water and off the streets. Having grown up as a fishermans son, as an indegenous…continue reading →

Wishing Coins from the Trevi Fountain help save the Homeless in Rome.

Did you know, Coins from the Trevi Fountain help save the Homeless in Rome. Was surprised to see many homeless people in Italy. Although the Trevi Fountain is one of the oldest water sources in Rome today it has become a landmark for good luck seekers and tourists! Did you know that The beautiful Trevi fountain was built at the end point of the alley at the junction of three roads. These three streets (tre vie) give the Trevi Fountain its name, the Three Street Fountain in Rome? As I threw my coins…continue reading →

Visit the 275 years old Lamassu in Mumbai. Join Elsie Gabriel for the Mumbai Tourism Series

  Visit the 275 years old Lamassu in Mumbai. Join Elsie Gabriel for the Mumbai Tourism Series.   Visiting the second oldest surviving Parsi fire temple at theManeckji Navroji Sett Shenshai Agiary, which is located atNariman Street, Fort, Mumbai,India took me back over 275 years in history, Amazing rock solid architecture with engravings that mesmerize you, transport you to way back to the times when the Parsi community established a rich heritage in India.   Maneckji Nowroji Seth Agiary is over 275 [or more ] years old, the agiary has magnificent architecture and is solid.…continue reading →

Schezuan King delivers Authentic Chinese!

Szechuan King is creating waves here in Powai Mumbai as a Chinese delivery restaurant  with some extraordinary Chinese gourmet. Szechuan Kings aim is to provide top quality dishes always incorporating fresh and local produce where available.   Big portions impressed me for sure. You will find all your Chinese favourites together with an splendid selection of vegetarian dishes and some unusual specialities. I loved the dragon chicken rolls, hot and steaming . You can't go wrong as the staff help you decide with their new culinary offerings.  Szechuan King is a chinese food delivery kitchen…continue reading →

Caving capital of Philippines Samar with Spark Samar

Caving capital of Philippines-Samar. Thankyou so much Philippines Tourism Spark Samar. Elsie Gabriel The island of ‘Samar’ in the Philippines was put in the caving spotlight since the discovery of the largest cave in the Philippines, the Langun Gobingob Caves in Brgy Panayuran, Calbiga, Samar.Samar, earlier known asWestern Samar, is a  province in the Philippines located on Samar Islands in the Eastern Visayas and its capital is Catbalogan City. There are many caving adventure trips that one can make during a tour of the island but the best one, Langun-Gobingob Caves is the pride of…continue reading →

Safety first! Specially when traveling abroad.

Safety is of utmost importance when traveling abroad. I whisked my face away just in time to save my cheek from a deep scar which could have been caused by this wild Lemur's territorial gesture! I almost fell to the ground in a protective step to save my self but gathered enough pride to lookup to watch the Lemur walk away and climb back atop the Baboa tree...Yes I was in Madagscar, Dense natural habitat of the Lemurs. Trying to get a good picture for back home "with the Lemurs". Let me tell…continue reading →

Diving with Thresher Sharks in Malapascua

I'm in love with the Ocean. I 'exhale' at the Ocean bed! To research and save the Ocean is my mission. I 'live' under the ocean. The serenity bond that connects you to real life ecology emerges as life's biggest lessons far deeper than those found in classrooms. If you want to live the talk, get out and embrace our planet. And Diving with sharks has taught me humility and how to be one with nature, sheer bliss. Come to Philippines! Philippines offers some of the most exciting extreme dives in the world.I…continue reading →

What it means to win the Holiday IQ #gokerala @keralatourismofficial @HolidayIQ contest!

 Thankyou for your Hospitality KeralaTourism! #gokerala #HolidayIQ @keralatourismofficial @keralatourism @HolidayIQ One of the five couples to win all India. @elsie_gabriel @vic_ferns HolidayIQ in Association With Kerala Tourism Presents - #GoKerala @keralatourismofficial HolidayIQ, India's largest travel community and Kerala Tourism have joined hands to promote tourism in God's Own Country through a unique marketing campaign- #GoKerala The experiential campaign, unlike traditional marketing campaigns, is completely powered by the holiday experiences and reviews of authentic travellers across the country. Led by HolidayIQ, #GoKerala is a content led, multiple-platform campaign with a dedicated microsite, integrated touchpoints and…continue reading →

Minimalistic Packing for the Perfect Cruise.

Minimalistic Packing for the Perfect Cruise. Camera. Check. Sunglasses. Check. Swimwear’s. Check. Hats. Check. Gowns/Dinner Jackets. Check. Smart Casual. Check. Torches. Check. Luggage Tags. Check. Toiletry  organizer. Check. Multiple Power point unit. Check. Sea sickness tablets. Check. Iron Free day attires. Check. Sunscreens. Check. Poolside robes. Check. Coffee anti spill mugs. Check. Jewelry Organiser. Check. Medicine organizer bag. Check.Gym wear. Check. Extra Bag for mementoes and shopping. Check. Books to read Check. Glow in the dark stickers. Check. Mobile/gadgets  water proof pouches. Check. Sandals/Shoes. Check. Xerox of your passports and ID s. Check. Extra…continue reading →
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