Life is a Cachaca!! When in Rio Brazil don’t forget the Cachaca!

  Life is a Cachaca!! Elsie Gabriel   I kept staring at the ‘Cachaca’ in front of me....and guess what I kept thinking about?? Is sugarcane a fruit or a vegetable!! Hah, gottcha.... I was on my second glass now and guess what I was thinking about?? Why don’t they make this in India!! We have so much sugarcane in India and may be I could think of making Cachaca!! Well let me tell ya.. I was in the middle of the Amazon jungle tropical hotel, with beautiful soothing music around , all…continue reading →

Wetlands, mangroves, flamingoes education tours to study climate change.

World Wetlands day Nature Trail Project by Young Environmentalists Programme.   Over 100 visitors joined the World Wetlands Mangrove trail at the creeks in Bhandup and Airoli to mark the occasion of the World Wetlands day. World wetland day is celebrated every year all across the world to commemorate the Convention on Wetlands means the Ramsar Convention which was held on 2nd of February in 1971 in the city of Ramsar, Iran at the Caspian Sea coasts. It was started celebrating for the first time in the year 1997. The theme for the…continue reading →

If in Rajasthan Jaipur do visit the JLF! Jaipur Lit Festival. Magnificent Winter WORLD CLASS Festival of India.

                                                                                                      If in Rajasthan Jaipur do visit the JLF! Jaipur Lit Festival. Whether you are a literary buff or not, this festival is a world festival right in the heart of India, so do not miss it for the world if you are near Jaipur, India during the month of January. Infact the Northern Delhi Jaipur Rajasthan triangle Indian tours are the very best during winters. This happens every mid week of January,so ensure you get your dose of world class music, food and literary culture all in one under this very colourful literary…continue reading →

Climate Change Karma! All am asking as a Climate Reality Mentor, is be vigilant and be the change! Happy Greener 2017!

Climate Change Karma! Elsie Gabriel Climate change is here and it’s occurring faster than expected in many ways. Nothing new, right? But we still have deniers! 2016 saw many milestones the world over, in the advocacy in climate change and its fight to stop its surge. But it saw an equal amount, if not more, disasters and global warming patterns making 2016 one of the hottest years to be recorded in history according to WMD [World Meteorological Department]. The balance is still not set. The fight is not strong enough. The tug of…continue reading →
Natural hops offering flavorful brews! Barking Deer. Mumbai.

Natural hops offering flavorful brews! Barking Deer. Mumbai.

Natural hobs offering flavorful brews! Barking Deer. Mumbai.     Ever heard of the Flying Pig! Well you will find it at the Barking Deer in Mumbai! Brewed in the traditional Belgian style, the wit bier is the perfect thirst chilled quencher for a toasty warm Mumbai day. It is brewed with 2-row pilsner malt and a large portion of malted wheat. This wheat lends a “tangy” flavour and light palate to the beer, it is full of herbs flavours with the addition of fresh orange peel, coriander seed and cumin. Very refreshingly natural.…continue reading →

Grand Hyatt Mumbai brings Germanys OctobierFest to Mumbai. #grandhyattmumbai #grandoktobierfest

If you can not go to Germany with your busy schedules, no worries The Grand Hyaat Mumbai brings Germany to you! I was glad to attend the October Beer festival here where Consul Anja Klos, Consulate of Germany in Mumbai officially declared the #GrandOctoBierFest 2016 open. You will find Germanys biggest Food, Fun and Beer festival right here in the heart of our own city of Mumbai, at the Grand Hyatt hotel from the 14th to the 23 rd of October 2016.Join in the fun and cheer with the Oktobier fest tents authentically coloured in…continue reading →

Sahara Mumbai launches EURO…..Come take a journey around Europe with me.

Sahara Mumbai launches EURO.....Come take a journey around Europe with me. Elsie Gabriel “European Food is exciting and has all the ingredients to match your taste buds, so come to Euro and take a tour through Europe, relish the breads and cheese platters from France,Italy,Spain, Potugal as well as experience the wines and cocktails to match the European offerings here,” says Chef Amol Rane the celebrated gourmet expert at EURO at Sahara Mumbai. Chef Amol has years of excellence in the gourmet world of creations and he brings a wealth of knowledge to EURO. Latest…continue reading →

Yamato Japanese Hibachi restaurant in Los Angeles- take a bow!

Yamato take a bow! Elsie Gabriel   Of course down the years it has always been considered chic to display ‘fresh catch of the Day’ or ‘fresh organic ingredients’ etc to the dining patrons, not only in the Far East but the Western food culture too, literally breaking down the walls and showing off their kitchen skills, and engaging customers and educating diners about the food they eat. Believe it or not, the Japanese did it the ‘Hibachi’ way even before this became a trend.I guess my twin brother who booked the surprise…continue reading →

L’Exclusif’s collections from Natures Basket-from the lap of the Godrej Luxury! Elsie Gabriel

“L’Exclusif's collections from Natures Basket-from the lap of the Godrej Luxury! Elsie Gabriel   Every celebration should be memorable ! Gifting helps complete the occasion. Without a doubt the Natures Basket latest luxury offering of “L’Exclusif's Mixed collections” are a royal treat to the eyes and taste buds! The lastest collection has gift ideas for every occasion. Take a look through the range of chocolate gifts, fresh fruits ice creams and cookies; and find new ways to mark that special day. Or, if you're not celebrating, simply say 'Thank you' or let someone know…continue reading →
Piece of Italian Gourmet Heaven Cafe Mangii Powai Mumbai

Piece of Italian Gourmet Heaven Cafe Mangii Powai Mumbai

Piece of Italian Gourmet Heaven Cafe Mangii Powai Mumbai. Elsie Gabriel Classic Italian cuisine is Café Mangii’s forte. A city favorite where Italian cuisines is concerned Mangii delivers. Saffron Riso, Salmon fish and Basa dishes are extravagantly tasty, let me warn you that the portions are huge enough for two. Of course the restaurant offers the usual delicious pasta and pizza combinations. Vegetarians will appreciate the veggie plate, complete with steamed vegetables, eggplant parmesan, spaghetti and cheese ravioli.   Their jalapeno poppers and watermelon poppers with spices are also mouth watering. The music…continue reading →