Lush Tropical Paradise Bangaram Island Resort and Dive Center.

  No matter where you go into India's Union Territory of Lakhshadweep Islands, totally ten exquisite Islands, they offer a wide variety of ocean topographies, accommodations, activities and experiences. Each island definitely has its own lustrous vibe. How do you choose between so many different versions of paradise? Bangaram is an ideal island choice. It's almost inhabited and they are proud to maintain and preserve this natural ecological connection. Visit the quaint private Island and take time to smell the fragrant ocean air and indulge in relaxation at its finest. If privacy is…continue reading →

Natural sunshine welcomes you to the warmth of the JW.Marriott,Mumbai,Sahar.

Natural sunshine welcomes you to the warmth of the JW.Marriott,Mumbai,Sahar. Elsie Gabriel Natural sunshine welcomes you to the warmth of the new JW.Marriott,Mumbai,Sahar. Crisp sunshine and warmth greet you as one walks into the JW Marriot Hotel Sahar, Mumbai.  Beams of light play with the suspended tear drop crystal chandeliers all across the multi labyrinths of the expansive front lobby. The hotel pays homage to nature and environment alright. Visitors may be just likely to gasp when taking in the first glance of the hotel itself. Intelligently constructed to evoke the rays of the…continue reading →

Palalam Beach Villa in Kavaratti Lakhshadweep Islands takes my breath away!

When it comes to Kavaratti hotels and accomodations in the Lakshadweep islands, nothing comes close to the understated, private, elegant Palalam Beach Villa. Just a short distance away from the local port and helibase, it's a shere delight to walk into this lucious arena of solitude filled with sunshine. Being an intuitive world traveler with immense knowledge of Ocean habitat, I knew at once that it was a labour of love!  Kas, it's owner showed me around the property and explained it's rich ancestral value. We instantly got on like house on fire…continue reading →

Ephemeral alternatives to plastic- During your travels ask for green packaging?

Ephemeral alternatives to plastic-Green Packaging, are you ready to accept it?   Ever heard of a "green packaging" ,well it is not only characterized by the use of the reusable materials concerned, but may be totally biodegradable and even edible. They are also crucially influenced by the technical design and the low cost processing Don't be fooled by non plastic look alikes. Next time you travel or step out even to grab a bite, literally ask for sustainable packages or containors. Refuse to take away in thermocol or plastic containers. Better still carry…continue reading →

Lakhshadweep Surf School Foundation Helps Keep Students in the Water and off Streets.

Lakhshadweep Surf School Foundation Helps Keep Students in the Water and off Streets. It’s a unique  school that helps many students in Lakhshadweep India. But they’re not focused on teaching  math, writing or reading. Instead,the instructor at the Lakhwadeep Surf School Foundation , located deep inside the island of Kavaratti, is using the water sport to change lives. Abdul Samad hit the waves with some of these students and saw firsthand how surfing is keeping them in the water and off the streets. Having grown up as a fishermans son, as an indegenous…continue reading →

I felt like Lara Croft for a day in Cambodia

Many know that ever since Angelina Jolie reeled in some celluloid among the temple ruins in Cambodia as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, the place has been attracting many tourists. The destination has garnered a lot of glossy attention but apart from that it stands to reason why travellers really frequent Cambodia, the sunrise at the Angkor Wat is on every travellers bucket list. It's a must visit in every explorers Bible pages. Siem Reap, the town closest to a vast complex of ancient Hindu and Buddhist Temples, is another tourist hub. Sunrise…continue reading →

All I want for Christmas is a Greener planet!

Unfortunately the year end festive season brings on immense realities of climate change, it comes at a high price in environment terms, rise in temperatures, flash floods, droughts, lesser and lesser rainfall each year and vanishing winter among others. Going Green beginning this Christmas would be a good start. Christmas is the season of celebrating, gifting, relaxing and indulging, and it’s certainly not the most eco-friendly time of year. With the added strain on landfills and extra CO2 emissions that rise during the Christmas period, the festive season is one of the most…continue reading →

Origami’s Flaming Sushi !

Chef Vaibhav of Origami transports you to Japan with his flaming Sushi! With the "Flying Fish Golden Roe" bursting in my mouth and the crisp matched flavor of seaweed wrapped around the Sushi all coming together in a dramatic culinary offering, I knew I was going to enjoy my experience at Origami Japanese restaurant and Lounge ,Supreme Park, Hiranandani gardens Powai Mumbai. A beautifully located restaurant nestled in the close hilly forests and small natural water rocky ponds at the sides, this restaurant has a walk in cafe style dining, inside seating as…continue reading →

Wishing Coins from the Trevi Fountain help save the Homeless in Rome.

Did you know, Coins from the Trevi Fountain help save the Homeless in Rome. Was surprised to see many homeless people in Italy. Although the Trevi Fountain is one of the oldest water sources in Rome today it has become a landmark for good luck seekers and tourists! Did you know that The beautiful Trevi fountain was built at the end point of the alley at the junction of three roads. These three streets (tre vie) give the Trevi Fountain its name, the Three Street Fountain in Rome? As I threw my coins…continue reading →

Visit the 275 years old Lamassu in Mumbai. Join Elsie Gabriel for the Mumbai Tourism Series

  Visit the 275 years old Lamassu in Mumbai. Join Elsie Gabriel for the Mumbai Tourism Series.   Visiting the second oldest surviving Parsi fire temple at theManeckji Navroji Sett Shenshai Agiary, which is located atNariman Street, Fort, Mumbai,India took me back over 275 years in history, Amazing rock solid architecture with engravings that mesmerize you, transport you to way back to the times when the Parsi community established a rich heritage in India.   Maneckji Nowroji Seth Agiary is over 275 [or more ] years old, the agiary has magnificent architecture and is solid.…continue reading →