Yamato Japanese Hibachi restaurant in Los Angeles- take a bow!

Yamato take a bow! Elsie Gabriel   Of course down the years it has always been considered chic to display ‘fresh catch of the Day’ or ‘fresh organic ingredients’ etc to the dining patrons, not only in the Far East but the Western food culture too, literally breaking down the walls and showing off their kitchen skills, and engaging customers and educating diners about the food they eat. Believe it or not, the Japanese did it the ‘Hibachi’ way even before this became a trend.I guess my twin brother who booked the surprise…continue reading →

L’Exclusif’s collections from Natures Basket-from the lap of the Godrej Luxury! Elsie Gabriel

“L’Exclusif's collections from Natures Basket-from the lap of the Godrej Luxury! Elsie Gabriel   Every celebration should be memorable ! Gifting helps complete the occasion. Without a doubt the Natures Basket latest luxury offering of “L’Exclusif's Mixed collections” are a royal treat to the eyes and taste buds! The lastest collection has gift ideas for every occasion. Take a look through the range of chocolate gifts, fresh fruits ice creams and cookies; and find new ways to mark that special day. Or, if you're not celebrating, simply say 'Thank you' or let someone know…continue reading →